This page will trace the emergence, development and work of Experimental Theatre in British alternative theatre from 1968-88.  We are currently looking for a specialist in this area of work who would be interested in creating the web page for us. Please contact us for more details.

Companies identified to date:

Anywhere Theatre Company

Appeal Products

Ashes Theatre Resources

Black Box Partnership

Blood Group

Brith Gof

Burnt Bridges

Cambridge Experimental Theatre

Cardiff  Laboratory Theatre

Chameleon Theatre Group

The Dog Company

Electric Theatre Company

Fireflies of the Boulevard

Forced Entertainment

Forkbeard Fantasy


Glass Works

Hana-No Mask Theatre

Hidden Grin Theatre Company


Intimate Strangers

Impact Theatre Co-op

Impossible Theatre


Industrial & Domestic TheatreContractors

Kneehigh Theatre

London Theatre Group

Lumiere & Son

Madhouse Theatre Company

Magdalena Project

Moving Visions

The Onion


Oval House Theatre Group

Paupers Carnival Theatre

People Show

Pilot Theatre

Pip Simmons Theatre Group

Publick Spirit

Rabble Theatre

Radiator (see Pan, later The Green Room)


Red Shift

Salt Theatre Company

Scarlet Harlets (later Scarlet Theatre)

Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool

Shared Experience

Steve Shill Theatre Company

Station House Opera


That’s Not It

Theatre Image-in-Aire

Theatre of Mixed Means

Theatre de Complicite

Theatre Nova

Theatre Totale

Theatr Totale



Triple Action Theatre

The Vagrants

Volcano Theatre


The Wee Wees

Wherehouse La MaMa

The Witkacy Ensemble

Word and Action

York Shoestring Theatre