Bristol Express reviews

Theory for the Attention of Mr Einstein by Paul Unwin (World Premiere, Old Red Lion Theatre Club, Bristol Express Season, 1981)

‘…a beautifully written and acted play’ (Barney Bardsley, The Leveller)
‘…a coruscation of intellect and language…very enthralling theatre… directed with the requisite intelligence by Andy Jordan.’ (Anne Morley-Priestman, The Stage)

‘Excellent staging and acting… a disturbing, thoughtful play and the anti-war message is powerful.’ (Ros Franey, City Limits)

‘An engaging portrait of the man and his age, compressing themes and events into memorable montages. Recommended.’ (Jim Bierman, Time Out)

Doolaly Days by Paul Unwin (World Premiere, Bristol Express Theatre Company Spring Tour, 1982/1983)

‘…it is not only a marriage of great themes but a marriage of a sense of importance about the theatre and the subjects it can deal with…’ (Paul Allen, BBC Kaleidoscope)

‘Since its inception in 1978, Bristol Express has established itself as one of the most consistently original, high-quality fringe companies around…The company’s latest show, Doolaly Days, can only consolidate an already burgeoning reputation’ (Oscar Moore, Time Out)

‘….vividly imagistic dialogue… a glittering edifice of ideas… the acting is excellent: a Nobel Prize for approaching the unapproachable, and getting impressively near.” (Kevin Hughes, Event)

Gulls by Robert Hewett (British Premiere, Bristol Express Theatre Company Spring Tour, 1984)

‘… irresistibly engaging… the gulls become for Bill a powerful and moving symbol.. in Andy Jordan’s production they are beautifully, brilliantly realised… a fascinating and richly rewarding new play… it opens up perceptions in a way that only good live theatre can… I hope it achieves the success it thoroughly deserves.’ (Robin Thornber, The Guardian)

‘…a remarkable exploration of such complex human problems as disability, the quality of life and the nature of love… Andy Jordan’s production is beautifully judged… outstanding.’ (Carol Woddis, City Limits)

‘This Bristol Express Theatre Company production, directed with fine insight by Andy Jordan, is surely one of the highlights of this Mayfest. See it if you can.’ (Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald)

Prophets in a Black Sky by John Matshikiza (World Premiere, Bristol Express Theatre Company Autumn Tour, 1985)

‘…witty, intelligent and often amusing… one of the best plays about the history of Southern Africa to be performed in English.’ (Adel Darwish, Time Out)

‘…radical and challenging….performed with riveting fervour… great moments of mesmeric power.’ (Coventry Evening Telegraph)

‘This innovative play… the production is strong and vivid and the powerful voices and music were memorable.’ (Festival Times)

‘Bristol Express’ production of John Matshikiza’s endlessly fascinating Prophets in a Black Sky…’ (Lyn Gardner, City Limits)

The Play’s the Thing! (An Annual Festival of New Writing, Various London Theatres, all World Premieres, 1986 – 1994)

‘If anyone doubted the value of Bristol Express’ The Play’s The Thing! project then Winter Darkness… triumphantly vindicates this ambitious R&D project…it has launched a powerhouse of creativity that could well change the face of British playwriting.’ (City Limits)

‘For the answers I turned to a man who, over the last ten years, has almost single-handedly re-invented the concept of the play-reading and, by proxy, considerably influenced the techniques and fortunes of numerous authors. Andy Jordan is the director of Bristol Express and the founder of The Plays The Thing!, the biggest annual programme of new writing in London’ (James Christopher, Time Out)

‘…an exciting new programme of workshops and staged readings…organized and orchestrated by that far-sighted company, Bristol Express.’ (Lyn Gardner, City Limits)

‘…distinguished by its almost unique ability to find writers of genuine interest.’ (Plays International)

‘More than just another writers’ group, more than just a series of readings and committed to developing work beyond the workshop…it has proved a remarkable showcase for new work and new writing.’ (Drama Magazine)

On Bristol Express Theatre Company

‘…one of the most innovative and energetic fringe companies in Britain…the sheer scale of the company’s work is breathtaking and laudable.’ (Plays International)

‘Bristol Express may be the nearest thing you get to a guarantee on the Fringe.’ (Ronald Jack, The Scotsman)

‘Since its inception in 1978, Bristol Express has established itself as one of the most consistently original, high-quality fringe companies around…’ (Oscar Moore, Time Out)

‘Over the last 3 or 4 years Bristol Express has produced as high a standard of work as most of the established alternative companies…Bristol Express cannot be described as a Political Theatre Company, because although they regard theatre 10as a political art, they put theatre before politics….within the confines of a room above a pub Bristol Express have taken audiences further afield geographically and ideologically than many other larger, better endowed theatre companies…Their immediate audiences may be small, but I predict their individual talents will have an enduring effect in British Theatre.’ (Lloyd Trott, The Leveller)

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