Apartheid: The British Connection

Company Name: Broadside Mobile Workers’ Theatre
Writer and devised: Broadside Mobile Workers’ Theatre. Kathleen McCreery wrote the shadow play narration.
Director: Kathleen McCreery, Richard Stourac
Designer: Patricia De Villiers
Sound: Barry Gilder
Cast: Kathleen McCreery, Richard Stourac, Barry Gilder, Kerrigan Rudon, Martin Vernon, Lorna Edwards
Year: 1978

‘Broadside’s contribution to the struggle for liberation in South Africa, this show uses slides, songs, poems and scenes to illustrate the need for action against apartheid. British investment and trade with the apartheid regime are exposed, a British worker who falls for South African propaganda and emigrates there gets more than he bargained for, but others shows their solidarity with bans and boycotts. Written with the help of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, performed for trade councils, A.A. meetings and polytechnics, the show lasts about 45 minutes.’  (Broadside, 1978 show listings and description)

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