Compromised Immunity

Company Name: Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company
Writer: Andy Kirby
Director: Philip Osment
Designer: Tony Reeves
Lighting: Matt Shadda
Costume: Caroline Burgess
Cast: Richard Sandells, Madeleine Blakeney, Pip Stephenson, Peter Shorey, David Benedict, Alan Hooker, Duncan Alexander

Written in 1986 by Andy Kirby Compromised Immunity was developed for the Gay Sweatshop Time Ten festival. Gay Sweatshop took the production on tour from April to June 1987. 

‘It was before the two big ones [more well-known AIDS plays], it was before A [sic] Normal Heart and before As Is. It was when the theatre community was starting to recognise what was going on and needed to respond to that developing crisis and those two plays were at the forefront of theatre starting to take it on board. It all seemed a bit unfair really, happening quite so soon after Stonewall and the lesbian and gay movement. It was completely horrid when everyone was dying and they were getting blamed for it in the media. It was very distressing.’ Noel Greig, 2008

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