Inter-Action – other initiatives

Inter-Action’s portfolio of work also consisted of a range of other initiatives, including training programmes and the provision of community facilities. This page gives an overview of this work.

We hope in time to create individual pages for some of the following:
OATS (Old Age Theatre Society)A company that performed to residents at old people's homes.
In-FilmInter-Action's film company.
Show TrialA two-week series of devised performances, held at the Tricycle Theatre in 1981, that put the Arts Council of Great Britain's artistic assessment and funding procedures 'on trial'.
InterplayA Leeds-based off-shoot of Inter-Action, set up by Carrie Gormley.
Management Training and Consultancy ServiceA service that provided information and guidance for charities and voluntary organisations.
InterChange Trust LtdA sister organisation that took over management of the Talacre site and the original City Farm.
HMS PresidentInter-Action's headquarters from 1988, and a base for their education and employment training projects, funded under the Ships-in-the-City project.
Community Computer CampsComputer training programmes.
NUBS (Neighbourhood Use of Buildings and Space)A consultancy service (with architects, planners etc) for community architecture, serving Inner City groups.
Work to PlayA scheme where children renovated their own playgrounds.
Sports SpaceA sports leadership training programme for unemployed youth and international athletes (later became the Government's Action Sport Programme)
Countryside Community CentreA major community centre in Milton Keynes.
Community CameosFull-time impersonators of historical figures, William Shakespeare, Edward Lear and Captain Cook.
AnimobileA mobile farm and environmental project for inner cities.
WAC (Weekend Arts College)A college for disadvantaged young people to attend.
MIY (Make-It-Yourself)A project to help young people set up entrepreneurial activities.
Experimental Education and Employment Training ProgrammesTraining schemes for young people and adults.
Community Computers UKA national resource and training agency for computers in the Youth Services.
Learning Songs and Activities Books/CassettesA joint programme with BBC Enterprises, producing Early Learning handbooks and cassettes, with songs and activities.
Network Inter-ActionThe first online network for Youth Services, connecting 225 Youth Centres from 26 Local Education Authorities.
NICASNational Inter-Action computer award scheme.
Youth-TechBritain's first specialist technology youth centre.
StarlabA portable planetarium, for 36,000 children a year in 180 schools.
Global Learning Inter-ActionAn international online network, to connected young people from many countries to share ideas and information and learn together.
Occupation Preparation SystemsA system for skills sampling and job matching/profiling for young people and adults.
Audio-Visual Unit and StudiosA unit providing self-help and training in video, tape-slide, photography, graphics and sound recording media; including a Community Media Van and several handbooks (co-produced with In-Print).

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