1990s and 2000s


A history of Welfare State International during the 1990s and 2000s.
Lord Dynamite - a musical about Alfred Nobel1991
Trawlers at Peace , Grimsby - a requiem event1993
Awarded 2.2 million from the Arts Council towards Lanternhouse1996
Lanternhouse opens1999
First Comedy Festival in Ulverston1996
Dead Good Funerals Book by Sue Gill and John Fox published1996
First Flag Festival in Ulverston1997
Dead Good Guide to Welcoming and Baby Naming Ceremonies by Sue Gill and John Fox, (ed.) Jonathan How published1999
Sand - 100 day Installation in Lanternhouse, a vigil for the Millennium1999/2000
The Sky’s the Limit - Millennium Pageant for Ulverston2000
Nativity of the Beasts - an installation, lamentation for Foot and Mouth disease2001
DEAD - funeral exhibition at the Roundhouse2001
Eyes of Stalks by John Fox, published Methuen2002
Morecambe Bay2003
One Rock - ecological triptych installation in Lanternhouse2003
Barebones - miniature version of Longline in Cockpit Theatre at Lanternhouse2005
Longline - community carnival, the climax of 3 years work. Welfare State International's last show2006
April Fools Day [is this the name of a production?] Welfare State International archived, Welfare State International board rejects the artists ensemble. Stephen Powell appointed Creative Director2006
Dead Good Guides picks up where Welfare State International left off2007

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