The Love, Lives and Murders of Lancelot Barrabas Quail

Company Name: Welfare State International
Location: Burnley
Year: 1977

In chilly October 1977, on the Fulledge Recreation Ground in Burnley, Welfare State created The Love, Lives and Murders of Lancelot Barrabas Quail. The event took place under tents surrounding  an open area similar to a medieval  jousting ground. The audience weaved amongst sideshows and giant puppets before entering a cinema where they were shown a film about Quail and his early life. After the film there was the opportunity to listen to music, drink tea and eat hot potatoes, to explore the tableaux’s representing Quails mind. Finally the audience sat on either side of the open space for ‘Barrabus’ the play, where performers and giant puppets tormented Quail, until he finally defeated them with his undefeatable human spirit. The show ended with two cooks distributing steamy hot bread to the audience.

The show went on to tour around other Northern venues.

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