Alternative Pantos programme

Full programme of the Alternative Pantos evening presented at Ovalhouse by Unfinished Histories, December 2013

1. Introduction: Susan Croft, Director, Unfinished Histories

2. Welcome: Lucie Regan as Button

3. Fanny Whittington and her Glorious Pussy (1988) by Sue Frumin, Oval House, 1988

Excerpt 1
Sue Frumin as the Fairy Godmother

4. Cinderella Hardup – A Women’s Rights to Shoes by Peta Masters and Geraldine Griffiths, Warehouse Deliveries, Croydon Warehouse, 1982

Excerpt 1

Cinderella – Francesca de Sica
Fairy Godmother – Fleur Shepherd

5. Peta Masters

6. Cinderella Hardup

Excerpt 2 & 3
Cinderella – Francesca de Sica
Prince – Alice K Brown
Dandini – Eliza Power

7. Sue Frumin on Fanny Whittington

8. Fanny Whittington

Excerpt 2
Clones – Alice K Brown, Fleur Shepherd, Eliza Power
Fanny Whittington – Lucie Regan
Amazonia – Francesca deSica
Elsie – Kate Nieland


9. The Adventures of Robyn Hood by Nona Shepphard, Dramatrix Productions Drill Hall, 1988
Robyn Hood – Francesca de Sica
Tuck – Kate Nieland
Kat – Alice K Brown
Alana – Lucie Regan
Joan – Fleur Shepherd
Merrywoman – Eliza Power

10. Mary McCusker on performing in Robyn Hood

11. Mary McCusker, Adele Salem and Gillian Hanna on performing in Cinderella the Real True Story

12. Message: from playwright Cheryl Moch

13. Cinderella: the Real True Story by Cheryl Moch with music by Holly Gewandter, WOW Café, New York December 1985; Dramatrix Productions, Drill Hall London, November 1987

Cinderella – Alice K Brown
Princess – Fleur Shepherd
King Philip the Bold/Townsperson – Eliza Power
Archduke/Townsperson – Kate Nieland
Clerk/Townsperson – Francesca de Sica
Townsperson/Sir Henry – Lucie Regan

14. SING ALONG – The Happy Ending, music and lyrics by Holly Gewandter, from Cinderella: the Real True Story

Director: Ray (Rachel) Malone
Co-ordinator: Lucie Regan
Technician: Philip Welland
Producer: Jessica Higgs for Unfinished Histories

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