Black Theatre event


December 6th, 2013

Black Theatre in London, 1970s and 80s

A sharing of memories, histories and archive materials along with performed extracts

Chair: Olusola Oyeleye


Susan Croft, Director, Unfinished Histories on Images and Archive Materials

Mustapha Matura (Black Theatre Co-op)

Roland Rees and others (Foco Novo)

Gordon Case (Brixton Arts Theatre, Black Theatre Co-op, Temba)

Bernardine Evaristo (Theatre of Black Women)


Extracts from Party (Black Pieces) by Mustapha Matura, performed by Bevan Celestine-Vincent as C, Darrel Bailey as Z, Lucie Regan as Carol

Extract from Pyeyucca by Bernardine Evaristo (Theatre of Black Women), performed by Carol-Ann Walton

Co-ordinator: Lucie Regan

Technician: Ed Richards

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