Third Tuesday Salons number 1

May 24, 2013 susan 0

We met in the Anson Room, what was obviously the sitting room of St Margaret’s House, where the settlement workers must have met among the bound volumes of Shaw and Galsworthy to share the events of their day, working among the East London poor. It’s an atmospheric room, early evening sunlight pouring in slantwise, big leather sofas, polished wood, even a spinning wheel. Perhaps a little incongruous for our topic. Perhaps not. We ranged in age from 20s to 70s, students, practitioners, volunteers, recipe for some very fruitful exchanges. The advertised topic was ‘The Alternative Theatre Movement Then – How […]

Perils in Bethnal Green

April 2, 2013 susan 0

  Thurs 28th March and we are having an Unfinished Histories Board meeting in 'The Create Place', a shopfront space just down the street from our new office at St Margaret's Settlement in Bethnal Green. The main building is an old white Georgian house, one of the many late 19th century institutions set up by universities, colleges and religious groups to do good among the poor of the East End. They now form a base for charities and non-profit groups of many kinds from Tower Hamlets befrienders to Bodywise, alternative health practitioners, and the local Council for Voluntary Services. There […]

Unfinished Histories Company Links

December 1, 2012 susan 0

The project made its first proper connection with an Originator on 18th November with an assignation on Liverpool Street Station with Johnny Melville. I told him I would wear a red velvet scarf and lurk outside Smiths. He told me he was bald and very handsome. He approached cautiously and in a soft Edinburgh accent murmured; 'The owl flies over the crooked steeple' 'I replied: 'But only when the moon is full' and we had made the contact. He is indeed handsome and his years creating physical theatre are evident. He produced from his baggage a parcel of flyers, photos […]