Company Name: Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company
Writer: Cathryn Kilcoyne
Director: Maggie Ford
Cast: Karen Parker
Year: 1985

Julie by Cathryn Kilcoyne. A monologue in which Julie, conflicted by her feelings towards her sexual orientation, re-enacts a number of sexual encounters with a mixture of defiance, self-hatred and wit.

A description of one woman’s journey towards a new awareness of her sexuality, and an analysis of how she arrived at this point. Originally titled Crossing Over, the title was changed as this woman’s perceptions are not conclusive; journeys like this take a lifetime and go through many stages.

The play was inspired by a character in Jill Posener’s play Any Woman Can. Julie is the woman who loves Ginny but can’t make love to her because she can’t face her own lesbianism. The series of Julie’s monologues re-enact the self hatred of her sexual encounters.

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