Company name: Graeae Theatre Company
Writer: Richard Tomlinson and the company
Director: Nic Fine
Cast: Alex Low, Will Kennen, Jag Plah, Elane Roberts, Marion Saunders, Nabil Shaban

‘To mark the United Nations International Year of the Disabled, Riverside presents the first London season of Sideshow, written and directed by Richard Tomlinson and performed by Britain’s pioneering theatre company of disabled people.

This comedy, part burlesque, part satire, features an array of characters trapped in a fairground freak show, under the control of their warden, Uncle Sydney. They determine not to be treated as freaks and break out into the real world. With songs like I Want To Be Evil and a show-stopping recreation of the grand Hollywood musical, this controversial play has toured to acclaim throughout the United States and Canada, where the Company did 27 shows in 24 days. The cast includes: Alex Low, Will Kennen, Jag Plah, Elane Roberts, Marion Saunders and Nabil Shaban.’

Graeae publicity, 1981

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