In Tandem TC


In Tandem TC was established in 2000 by Jessica Higgs. The company’s work focused on difference and integration of difference in society, creating platforms for culturally diverse and unheard voices.


Harold Pinter double bill of Mountain Language and Landscape

Translated and performed in British Sign Language by Deaf and hearing actors, directed by Jessica Higgs, December 2000. Oval House Theatre. Filmed by BBC 2’s Arena and for the V&A National Video Archive of Performance (NAP).
Time Out Critic’s Choice.


Harold Pinter’s plays take on a new depth and meaning in this intriguing double bill…it is like seeing the manifestation of layer upon layer of hidden emotion as what is said, and what is meant and felt, the external and the internal, slide into each other in dramatic harmony…not just a quirky experiment but the real thing.’ The Guardian

What’s striking about Jessica Higgs’ revelatory production, is the way in which Pinter’s words are communicated as fluently and dramatically as you are ever likely to witness.’ Time Out ‘…wondrously fulfilling…’ Independent on Sunday

Details of the NVAP recording and viewing arrangements can be found by going to, click 'follow link', enter Mountain Language under Title Browse.  


Accompanying exhibition in the Oval House Café of photographic images of French Sign Language by Carole Sionnet from Poitiers, France.

Smudge by Canadian playwright, Alex Bulmer

Smudge was inspired by the writer’s personal experiences of sight loss. First produced at the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, it received its British Premiere at Oval House Theatre, directed by Jessica Higgs, March 2004. Time Out Critic’s Choice.


Jessica Higgs’ free flying, exquisitely designed production…incorporating circus skills, movement and an almost doppelganger effect…’ The Guardian

The stylistic production techniques…are extremely effective.’ The Stage


Accompanying exhibition of Still Lights by Sally Booth in the Oval House café.



Happy Days

Workshop collaboration with French-African actor, Aicha Kossoko, and Sierra Leonean, John Adewole, on Beckett’s Happy Days.


Development workshop with spoken word poet Leah Thorn of a performance piece kin’a’hora looking at Anglo Jewish identity which led to the making of Leah Thorn’s short film My Amulet, premiered at the 2008 UK Jewish Film Festival.


A collaboration established in 2006 between Susan Croft, Jessica Higgs and In Tandem TC documenting alternative theatre. Susan conceived the name Unfinished Histories and launched it with a live oral history event at the Theatre Museum, Covent Garden that year. Shortly after Susan and Jessica joined forces to develop the project under the auspices of In Tandem TC.

In Tandem TC became Unfinished Histories on April 1st, 2012.
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