Workers’ Playtime




 Workable Books/ New Internationalist, Workers’ Playtime, 2017 ISBN 9781780264271

an anthology of scripts edited by Doug Nicholls of the GFTU on trade union struggles including Out! On the Costa Del Trico (1977), a brilliant account of the first struggle for equal pay for women led by Asian workers and based on interviews with many involved; Hannah (2001) by Eileen Murphy, about great labour movement activist Hannah Mitchell; Dare to be Free (2016) by Jane McNulty, a moving account of the work of Mary Quaile to organise cafe workers in the 1930s on their equivalent of zero hours contracts; Jim Kenworth’s A Splotch of Red (2016) imagines Keir Hardie and Will Thorne returned to the 21st century to find that The Red Flag and ideas of class consciousness are not as prevalent as they once were; Neil Gore’s We Will Be Free! (2013) takes audiences and readers back to 1834 and a key point in trade union origins, exploring the hearts and minds of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, Bolton Rising about the savage repression of the Luddites and Kath McCreery‘s The Chambermaids about the Grosvenor House Hotel strike in the 1980s. Special Offer price

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