This page will trace the emergence, development and work of Political Theatre in British alternative theatre from 1968-88. We are currently looking for a specialist in this area of work who would be interested in creating the web page for us. Please contact us for more details.

Companies identified to date:

The 1982 Company

Agit Prop Street Players

Alternative Cabaret

Avon Touring

Banner Theatre of Actuality

Belt and Braces

Bite Theatre Group

Bradford Art College Theatre Group

Broadside Mobile Worker’s Theatre


Chilean Popular Theatre


The Combination (Brighton)

The Combination (Deptford)

Controlled Attack

Counteract Theatre

DAC Theatre Company

Father Xmas Union

The General Will

Kartoon Klowns

Head and Heart

Laughing Stock


Midland Red Theatre

Mayday Theatre

Merseyside Unity Theatre

Moving Theatre

No Alternative

North West Spanner

Pip Simmons Theatre Group

Pirate Jenny

Pit Prop

Portable Theatre

Recreation Ground Theatre Company

Red Ladder

7:84 (England)

7:84 (Scotland)

Skirting Board Theatre Company

Spoiled Ballot Papers

Sturdy Beggars

Theatre Foundry

Topical Theatre

Theatre Underground

West London Theatre Workshop