New Writing


This page will trace the emergence and development of New Writing in British alternative theatre from 1968-88.  We are currently looking for a specialist in this area of work who would be interested in creating the web page for us. Please contact us for more details.

Companies identified to date:

Actors Soup Kitchen

Ambiance Lunch Hour Theatre

Artaud Company

Borderline Theatre Company Ltd

Bristol Express

Bryony Lavery’s Extraordinary Productions

Buick of Sighs


Character Ladies

Clean Break

Colway Theatre Trust

Common Stock

CV1 Theatre Company

DAC Theatre Company

The Dog Company

Foco Novo

Fulcrum Theatre Company

Gamut Theatre

Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company (Men and Women’s Companies)

Harvest Theatre

Hijinx Theatre

Hull Truck

Inner City Theatre Company

Inter-Action (Ambiance Lunchtime)

Joint Stock

Les Oeufs Malades

Made in Wales

Major Road

Mind’s Eye Theatre

Monstrous Regiment

Mouth and Trousers

Mrs. Worthington’s Daughter’s Daughters (See Mrs. Worthington’s Daughters)

New Perspectives Theatre Company

Northern Studio Theatre

Paines Plough

Paradise Foundry

Pascal Theatre Company

Pentabus Theatre Company

Perspectives Theatre Company

Poplar Plays

Portable Theatre


Red Shift

Remould Theatre Company


Roar Material

Romilly Theatre Productions

Royal Court YPT

Second Wave Young Women’s Arts Project

Shameful Practice


The Section

Temporary Theatre Company

Theatre Centre

Theatre Underground

Theatre Venture

Tic Toc Theatre Company

Traverse Theatre Workshop

Wakefield Tricycle

Wooden Indian Theatre Company

Umbrella Theatre

Y Cwmni

Yorkshire Theatre Company