Community & Street


This page will trace the emergence, development and work of Community and Street Theatre active in British alternative theatre from 1968-88.  We are currently looking for a specialist in this area of work who would be interested in creating the web page for us. Please contact us for more details.

Companies identified to date:

Action Space

Age Exchange

All Change Arts

A Team

Avanti Display

Back Door Theatre Company

Bara Caws


Bedside Manners

Big Brum

Big Wheel Theatre Company

Bread and Circuses Theatre Company


Bubble Theatre (later London Bubble)

Cambridge Experimental Theatre

The Chuffinelles

Cleveland Independent Theatre Company

Colway Theatre Trust

Combination Brighton

Combination Albany

Common Stock

Community Theatre

Controlled Attack

Covent Garden Community Theatre

Demolition Decorators

Desperate Men

Dogg’s Troupe

Doubletake Theatre Co-operative

Dr. Foster’s Travelling Theatre

Durham Theatre Company

Eastend Abbreviated Soapbox Theatre

East End Theatre Group

Emergency Exit Arts

Emerging Dragon

EMMA Theatre Company

Equinox Travelling Theatre


Forest Forge Theatre Company

Free Form

Fun Art Bus

Gorllewin Morgannawg

Grand Theatre of Lemmings

Guizer Theatre Company

Gusto Theatre Company

Hijinx Theatre

Horse and Bamboo

Hot Foot Community Theatre

Inner City Theatre Company

Inside Overall Company


Interplay Community Theatre

Key Perspectives

Kinetik Theatre Company

Kneehigh Theatre

Little Acorn Theatre Company

London Bubble (Bubble Theatre)


Manchester Actors Company

Masque Community Theatre

Matchbox Theatre

Medieval Players

Medium Fair

Micro (later Manchester Actors Co)

Mikron Theatre Company


Natural Theatre Company

NE1 Theatre

New Perspectives Theatre Company

Norfolk Actors

Northumberland Theatre Company

Omoro Community

Open Cast Theatre

Orchard Theatre Company

Out of Order Productions

Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company

Path Productions

Paupers Carnival Theatre

Pentabus Theatre Company

Perspectives Theatre Company

Pilot Theatre

Pit Prop Theatre

Platform 6 Theatre Company

Platypus Theatre Company

Pocket Theatre

Proteus Theatre Company

Punching Judies

Q20 Bradford’s Theatre Company

The Raree Show

Salakta Balloon Band

Second City

Second Wave Young Women’s Arts Project

Shiva Theatre



Skin and Bones Theatre Collective

Solent People’s Theatre

Spectacle Theatre Company

Stirabout Theatre Company and Gallery

Street Level

Sturdy Beggars

TAG Theatre Company

Theatr Bara Caws

Theatr Powys

Theatre Camel

Theatre in the Community

Theatre Mobile

Theatre Venture

Theatre of West Glamorgan

Theatre Workshop Company

Theatro Technis

Travelling Light Theatre Company

T.A.T (Trinity Arts Troupe)

Webb-Foot Productions

Whalley Range All Stars

Yorkshire Theatre Company

Welfare State International

Women’s Street Theatre Group

Word and Action