Much of Unfinished Histories work has traced the emergence, development and work of  Women’s Theatre active in British alternative theatre from 1968-88.

In 2024 we are celebrating 50 Years since the first Women’s Theatre festival in Britain, as part of FYFFI. For more information about FYFFI: Fifty Years of the Fight for Inclusion please go here.
For further details of events marking the 50th anniversary of the first Women’s Theatre Festival go here.

For resources on Black Women’s Theatre in the 1970s and 80s  you can find an essay and Bibliography and there is more information on companies and individuals on this page

Companies identified to date:

Alice’s Cabaret

Bag and Baggage


Bemarro Sisters

Beryl and the Perils

Black Mime Theatre Women’s Troupe

Blood Group


Box 3

Burnt Bridges

Cakes and Ale Theatre Company


Changing Women Theatre Group


Character Ladies


Clean Break

The Chuffinelles

Coventry Lesbian Theatre Group

Cunning Stunts

Dorothy Talk

Female Trouble

Focus Theatre Company

Flippin Wimmin

Freerange Theatre Company

Gay Sweatshop Women’s Company

Hairy Marys

Hard Corps (formerly Gauche)

Hardware Theatre Company

Hesitate and Demonstrate


Hormone Imbalance


Intimate Strangers

Keeping Mum

Ladies and Gentlemen

Lip Service

Little Women

Loose Change

Magdalena Project

Major Diversion

The Millies

The MisFits

Monstrous Regiment

Mother Hen Theatre Company

Mrs. Worthington’s Daughters

Mrs. Worthington’s Daughter’s Daughters

Munirah Theatre Company


Options Ltd

Parker and Klein

Parrot Fashion Theatre

Pretty Disgusting Things

Proud Cow

Punching Judies

Radical Actresses Guild

Raving Beauties

Red Rag

Red Stockings


Rubber Jennies

Sadista Sisters

Salt Theatre Company

Sidewalk Theatre Company

Scarlet Harlets (later Scarlet Theatre)

Second Wave Young Women’s Arts Project

Sensible Footwear

Shameful Practice




Spare Tyre

Spiderwoman [US]

Spin/ Stir

Split Britches [US]

Strip Search



Theatre of Black Women

Theatre Rotto

Three Women Mime

Trouble and Strife

The Wandsworth Warmers

Wayward Women

Women’s Comedy Workshop

The Woman’s Company

Women’s Theatre Group (later Sphinx) [NB not to be confused with Sphinx listed above]

Women’s Playhouse Trust

Women’s Street Theatre Group