Contributing to this site

Web pages

Our aim is to make this website as accurate a representation of the work of the alternative theatre movement as possible. To this end we are working with as many originators of the work as we can in the creation of their website pages. Due to time, resources or simply because we have no point of contact at present, the web pages of the listed companies, venues, individuals, organisations and events are in their early stages and only a few have as yet been completed. If your company, venue etc is listed but has no originator’s contribution please contact us if you would like to assist us in the creation of its web page.

We are interested in hearing from those who:

>founded or co-founded companies

>set up and ran venues

>devised and produced their own work

>took part in key events such as the Women’s Festival, SCYPT conferences

>worked for organisations such as ITC, Time Out, Arts Council


We would like to put up obituaries for key individuals where they exist. If you have names and information on this front could you please let us know.

Unpublished scripts

We are keen to identify and locate scripts, both devised and individually-authored work, especially where they remain unpublished and are possibly only available in a personal archive.