The National Air Show, later, The Participation Waltz

Company Name: Broadside Mobile Workers’ Theatre
Devised: Version 1 – Broadside Mobile Workers’ Theatre. Version 2 – Kathleen McCreery
Director: Version 1 – Kathleen McCreery and Richard Stourac. Version 2 – Kathleen McCreery
Designer: Patricia De Villiers
Cast: Kathleen McCreery, Julie Holledge, Richard Stourac, Geraldine Whiteside, Martin Vernon, Kerrigan Dudon, Chris Opie
Year: 1976

‘Set in the aerospace industry, but posing problems faced by all industrial workers: nationalisation, worker participation, the right to make a socially useful product.’
17 min. indoor or outdoor, 32 min. indoors only. Space: 10′-15’deep, 15′ wide, 10′-15′ high’.
(Broadside, 1978 show listings and description.)

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