Welfare State International Sweet Misery of Life

Audio extract taken from Unfinished Histories interview with Sue Gill and John Fox in 2013, discussing their touring show Sweet Misery of Life

Audio transcription:

Sue Gill: Did we do a piece in Oval House?

John Fox: I think we did, but I can’t remember what it was. We must have done one of our touring shows, Sweet Misery of Life it could have been, which was an early kind of political parody, caricature piece about England. We did one in Stockwell, and we must have been linked with Oval House at that point I think. In the middle of the Stockwell gig we changed identity because, I was saying last night to Ray, it was getting too political and too aggressive and too negative really. So we wanted to move from Brecht, Grotz too Chagall and be more mythic and beautiful and sweet and all that. We just changed gear in the middle of it all.

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