Friends of Unfinished Histories

Unfinished Histories prides itself on not just recording quality interviews but making them accessible. The interview involves research and preparation by an interviewer, as well as the interview itself, which may be 5 or 6 hours long and often includes a technician or camera operator. Afterwards: logging, fluff-editing, copying, making and printing copies for Special Collections. We select and edit extracts for the web page, and write a biography, a detailed topic list with time code, bibliography, as well as selecting and digitising images for a Gallery and transcribing key extracts. Even when volunteers help out, this involves putting up a new web page and linking it to other relevant content on the site. All of this is costly and often lack of funds prevents us from doing new interviews, even where they are urgent or a priority.

You can help by sponsoring an interview or a new web page or both, through a donation or helping support keep the organisation going in general. If you would like information about becoming a Friend of Unfinished Histories, please email:
Or you can simply make a Donation towards our work generally.

Unfinished Histories would like to thank those Friends who have supported our work through donations.

Our Friends include:
Roger Allam
David Aukin & Nancy Meckler
Sir Alan Ayckbourn
ED Berman MBE
Annette Beringer
Victoria Broackes
Cathy Croft
Tony Elliott
Liza and Luke Johnson
Claire MacDonald
Amanda Sebestyen