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At the end of 2012 we received an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund to begin developing the Companies list on our web site and mount a related touring exhibition. The project, now completed, focused on the London boroughs of Lambeth and Camden, the site of so much innovative theatre work in the 1960s to 1980s, developed through venues like Oval House in Lambeth and the Arts Lab, Drury Lane, Action Space Drill Hall, Open Space and Roundhouse in Camden. The boroughs were also the home of many pioneering arts projects and companies from the Brixton Faeries, Lumiere and Son and Black Theatre of Brixton in the South of the city, to Spare Tyre, Recreation Ground, and Inter-Action and its many offshoots in the North. Oval House in particular also became the London venue for numerous companies touring from elsewhere in Britain including Avon Touring, Forkbeard Fantasy, Kaboodle, Natural Theatre and Yorkshire Theatre Company. 2013 was Oval House’s 50th anniversary year and was the venue for the opening of the exhibition, Re-Staging Revolutions, in November 2013, where it stayed until the end of the year.

Our new Companies pages were launched at the same time.  The exhibition was briefly seen at the  Kentish Town Community Centre in January 2014, and was resident at the Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre from February to May 2014.

Please link to Ovalhouse SeasonCamden Exhibition and Exhibition for further details.

Numerous events were staged at the exhibition venues in support of the exhibition details of which can be found under Past Events.

To order our exhibition book, Re-Staging Revolutions, Alternative Theatre in Lambeth and Camden, 1968-88. click here.