Plays directed by Roland Rees

This is a table of productions directed by Roland Rees outside his work with Foco Novo.
For Foco Novo productions see the Foco Novo page.

Production Venues Dates

The Electronic Nigger
Writer: Ed Bullins (Black Panther)
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Stefan Kalipha, Charles Hyatt, Deborah Norton, Sheila Scott-Wilkinson

Ambiance Theatre,
Westbourne Grove


A Minor Piece
Writer: Ed Bullins
Director:  Roland Rees
Cast: Stefan Kalipha, Maggie Nolan, Sheila Scott-Wilkinson

Ambiance Theatre,
Westbourme Grove


Now There’s Just the Three of Us and Bodybuilders
Writer: Mike Weller
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Bob Sherman, John Higgins, Pam Rolands,
Sheila Scott-Wilkimson, Peter Marinker

Open Space Theatre, Tottenham Court Road


Writer: Leonard Melfi 
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Mari Gorman, Bob Holway

Open Space Theatre,
Tottenham Court Road

Writer: Rochelle Owens
Director:  Roland Rees
Ambiance Theatre,

Westbourne Grove

Black Comedy and White Lies
Writer: Peter Schaffer
Director: Roland Rees 

Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich


Black Pieces
Writer: Mustapha Matura
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Alfred Fagon, T-Bone Wilson

Black and White Power Season, ICA, The Mall Mickery Theatre, Amsterdam 1970
Writer: Israel Horovitz
Director: Roland Rees

Black and White  Power Season ICA, The Mall


Assistant Director to 2 Michael  White shows, from New York. One, a musical version of Two Gentlemen of Verona set; in Spanish Harlem, brought from the NY Shakespeare Festival, played at the Phoenix, and the other, Tom Eyen’s The Dirtiest Show in Town  at the Vaudeville.


The Normal Woman (play in Inuit)
Writer: David Mowat
Director:Roland Rees
Cast: Doreen Mantle, Hilary Westlake, Tony Rohr

Inter-Action at Green Banana
Soho Poly

Gum and Goo
Writer: Howard Brenton
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Michael Feast,  Frances Tomelty, Chris Martin
Inter- Action at Green Banana
Soho Poly 
As Time Goes By
Writer: Mustapha Matura
Director: Roland Ress
Producer: Michael White
Cast: Stefan Kalipha, Mona Hammond, Oscar James,
Alfred Fagon, Robert Coleby, Carole Hayman,
T Bone Wilson, Tommy Eytle, Corinne Skinner-Carter

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Upstairs Theatre,
Royal Court


Hot Damn, High in Vietnam Thanksgiving Before Detroit
Writer: Bernard Pomerance
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Richard Pendry, Glen Beck, Deborah Norton, Mary Ellen  Ray, Bill Nagy 

Inter-Action at Almost Free Theatre, Piccadilly 


Look Back in Anger
Writer: John Osborne
Entertaining Mr Sloane
Writer: Joe Orton
Director: Roland Rees

Everyman Theatre,  Liverpool

Betty’s Wonderful Christmas 
Writer: Pam Gems
Director:  Roland Rees
A Dark Pantomime, part of a Festival presenting contemporary Alternative Theatre including performances by Pip Simmonds, Freehold & The People Show

Cockpit  Theatre,  Marylebone

Foco Novo
Writer: Bernard Pomerance
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Richard Pendry, Glen Beck, Laura Esterman,
Benard Sterlin, Mona Hammond, Judy Monahan,
Neil Johnson, Nigel Morris (percussion)

The Roxy, Gospel Oak
Oval House, Kennington


The  company Foco Novo was inaugurated in 1972.  Plays produced by Foco Novo are listed on the Foco Novo web page on this site and in Roland Rees’ Fringe First published by Oberon Books

Bread and Butter 
Writer: CP Taylor
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Dennis Lawson, Tom Marshal
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 

Small Theatre Splot, Cardiff

A Political Pantomime
Sherman Theatre, Cardiff
NUM Tour South Wales Minefields
Waiting for Lefty
Writer: Clifford Odets
Adapted:  CP Taylorc
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Allan Surtes,
Cherie Lunghi
Newcastle Playhouse 1973
Writer:Trevor Griffiths
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Gavin Richards, Peter Sproule,
Tamara Hinchko
7:84 tour 1973
Cock Artist
Writer: Fassbinder
Director: Roland Rees

Inter-Action, Almost Free

Someone Else is Still Someone
Writer: Bernard Pomerance
Director: Roland Rees
Cast: Diane Fletcher

Bush Theatre


Work with drama schools
Writer: Jez Butterworth
Kit’s Play
Writer: Howard Brenton
(RADA commission to open new Jerwood Theatre)
Hot Fondue
Writer : John Constable
(Adaptation of La Ronde, RADA commission)
Ashes and Dust 
Writer: Jim Cartwright
Adapted:  David McDonald
The Libertine
Writer: Stephen Jeffries
Bloody Poetry
Writer: Howard Brenton
Jew of Malta
Writer: Christopher Marlowe
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire
Writer: Caryl Churchill
Our Country’s Good
Writer: Timberlake Wertenbaker

  1992 – 2006