We Have The Power of The Wind

Company Name: Broadside Mobile Workers’ Theatre
Writer: Kathleen McCreery
Director: Kathleen McCreery, Richard Stourac
Designer: Patricia De Villiers
Sound: Barry Gilder
Cast: Kathleen McCreery, Richard Stourac, Lorna Edwards, Ian Saville, Barry Gilder
Year: 1977

‘This play documents in five dramatic scenes, linked by songs, the struggle of the Portuguese people to turn their defeat of fascism into a victory for socialism. Their experience is very relevant to British workers. “Model of a Multinational” shows how Plessey move their capital from Scotland to countries like Portugal, Malta and Venezuela in search of higher profit. The workers fight back with spirit and ingenuity, highlighting the importance of combined committees and international cooperation. The other scenes illustrate:
–   The occupation of empty property by slum dweller. The winning over of a peasant to the idea of a co-operative.
–  The Trial of Social Democracy…Mario Soares defends the record of the socialist Party while ‘witnesses’ testify about the popular assemblies, workers control of the media, the role of the British government, import controls and many other-crucial issues.
Written with the help of the Portuguese Workers Coordinating Committee, this play has been performed at the Plessey occupation in Kirby and for Chloride workers in Dagenham, for GA/U schools, Camden tenants, the CACTL Campaign and the Portuguese community. It is also appropriate for the Co-op movement, Labour Parties and women’s groups. It lasts 1 1/2 hrs. but individual scenes or a shorter combination of scenes can also be provided.’ (Broadside, 1978 show listings and description)

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