Blood Green

Company Name: Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company
Writer: Noel Greig and Angela Stewart Park
Director: Noel Greig
Design: Kate Owen
Cast: Caroline Needs, Elaine Loudon, Philip Timmins, Stephanie Pugsley, Gordon MacDonald
Stage Manager: Pete Charles
Music composition & Recording: Jo-Anne Fraser
Poster Design: Janet De Wagt
Map: Angela Stewart Park
Production Photographs: Jane Harper
Set Construction: Metheralls Metal Engineers
Electronic Props: Philip Timmins
Year: 1980

In 1980, the first show involving both the men and the women of Gay Sweatshop since it split into two groups was the production of Blood Green written by Angela Stewart Park and Noel Greig. The play is set in a mythical future and includes the themes of genetic engineering, and the relationship between medicine, the church and the stage. Although not a critical success, it was ahead of its time in its subject matter.

Blood Green, I wrote that with Angela and that was a mistake. It was an interesting topic and there was some interesting things in it but it didn’t spark between us.’ Noel Greig, 2008

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