M3 Junction 4

Company name: Graeae Theatre Company
Writer: Richard Tomlinson and the company
Director: Nic Fine

‘Set in a village for people with disabilities, M3 Junction 4 follows the experiences of four villagers in their confrontation with the village organiser and examines the way in which each dispels the stigma of handicap.

It lampoons the commonly held assumptions that disabled people are brave, like being in each other’s company and can be content with good food and accessible accommodation.

The play is full of humour, music and action. The underlying theme is disturbing and thought provoking and as such, is an ideal precursor to discussion and debate on the meaning of handicap.

Quirky, shocking, surprising but always entertaining, this unique company has developed a substantial successor to its enormously popular Sideshow.’

Graeae publicity, 1982

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