Country Life Butter

The Country Life Butter ‘ live’ ad from Wyre’s Cross by Peta Masters and Geraldine Griffiths,
produced by Mrs Worthington’s Daughters’ Daughters for Women Live 1982.
Courtesy of Stacey Charlesworth, Cordelia Ditton, Geraldine Griffiths and Peta Masters.

Ad transcription:

DUMMY: Oooh!
GRACE: We always buy fresh Country Life. We do. We do.
DUMMY: We do.
GRACE: It’s creamy smooth this Country Life.
DUMMY: And you’ll never gutta getter gitter gutter on yer knithe.
GRACE: He’s right!
DUMMY: He’s right.
DUMMY: I’m right.
GRACE: He’s right. It’s creamy smooth this Country Life.
DUMMY: That’s good.
GRACE: Tis good. It’s creamy smooth and it tastes so good.
DUMMY: Wouldn’t guy any other kinda gutter ith I could.
GRACE: Says he.
DUMMY: Says she.
BOTH: Says we.

Performed by Stacey Charlesworth and Cordelia Ditton

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