Pip Simmons

In memory of Pip Simmons. The Pip Simmons Theatre Group was formed in 1968. Pip Simmons, the founder, served both as writer and director, he toured with the company and was always there; I should know because I was there too for over 10 years on the road rehearsing and performing 13 shows. The stage was stormed in Paris while we were performing An Die Musik headlined “Concert classique à Dachau par le Pip Simmons Theatre Group de Londres, Schubert, Liszt, Beethoven au pays de l’horreur” This was perhaps Pip Simmons best remembered work, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Holland from German occupation.

Pip was uncompromising, his imagination was extreme, beautiful crazy and visionary, he worked with a company of bold totally committed performers who shared a hooligan spirit and were unafraid of overstepping artistic boundaries. Pip, a one-off wonderful man who made a difference. A huge loss of a radical maestro. It was a privilege to have been a member of The Pip Simmons Theatre Group.

tears and fun remembering the good times

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Pip Simmons Theatre Group :
Touring photographs taken in the UK and throughout Europe 1974 – 1987
Photo © Sheila Burnett