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Recording the history of Alternative Theatre in the 1960s, 70s and 80s through interviews and the collecting of archive material.

Companies involved were among some of the first Black, Asian, lesbian, gay, women’s, disabled, political, experimental, TIE and community-based theatre groups seen in Britain.

Work ranged from experiments in physical and visual theatre or performance art, to vernacular drama, agit-prop and satire, championing a generation of artists whose work has influenced and shaped present day theatre.

Music: Jam Today  Photo: Roger Perry

This website contains material taken from our interviews with practitioners active in the alternative theatre movement (see our INTERVIEWS drop down list) as well as giving extensive information on Companies and Individuals, with links to related projects and archives.

Unfinished Histories was established in 2006 and the material on the website reflects our activities up until 2017. Due to financial restraints there is very little new work being undertaken at present in terms of oral history interviews and additions to our website pages. However what we have collected thus far is publicly available through our despositories: Bishopsgate Institute (oral history interviews and archive material – posters, programmes, photos, books etc); Sheffield University, British Library Sound Archives and V&A Theatre Collections (oral history interviews) and this website.



We are delighted that the Unfinished Histories archive is now lodged within the Bishopsgate Institute Archive. Cataloging is underway and you will be able to see what is available for viewing there via their Online Catalogue by the end of 2018. Meanwhile if you wish to see or hear any of our collection please contact us to arrange a viewing.



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