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Recording the history of Alternative Theatre, 1968 -88, through interviews and the collecting of archive material. Companies involved were among some of the first Black, Asian, lesbian, gay, women’s, disabled, political, experimental, TIE and community-based theatre groups seen in Britain. Work ranged from experiments in physical and visual theatre or performance art, to vernacular drama, agit-prop and satire, championing a generation of artists whose work has influenced and shaped present day theatre.


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Interviews and website

This website contains material taken from our interviews with practitioners active in the alternative theatre movement (see Interviewees) as well as giving extensive information on Companies – including our 50 newly launched company pages, Individuals and relevant Organisations, with links to related projects and archives.

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Unfinished Histories relies on the active participation and support of individuals.Its capacity to fulfill its aims and activities is therefore dependent on YOU.  If you would like to support us you can do so in the following ways:

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Unfinished Histories is currently operating on a voluntary basis and actively seeking funding to enable our continuing work. If you would like to be one of our future project funders or sustain the core work of the Company, please email: contact@unfinishedhistories.com

We are grateful to the following trusts, institutions and individuals who have supported us in the past:

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The Heritage Lottery Fund funded our 2012-14 Company Links project highlighting the alternative theatre companies who worked and were based in Camden and Lambeth


Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust for supporting the design and building of the website in 2010.

Unity Theatre Trust, Lipman-Miliband Trust, Awards for All, Society for Theatre Research for project support,
Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance for support across many projects, Arcola Theatre for hosting the 2015 Homosexual Acts Benefit.

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British Library Sound Archive, V&A Theatre Collections, Sheffield University, Syracuse University London Centre, Bristol University Theatre Collections, Chris Barlas, Cicely Berry, Kenneth Branagh, Anna Cartaret, Cordelia Ditton, Jodi Myers, Prunella Scales, Adele Salem, Sarah Vernon, Joanna Wade and Alan Wakeman. Also to graphic designer Mark Bromley.

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