Pam Schweitzer Bibliography


Theatre in Education: Four Infant  Programmes ed. Pam Schweitzer, Eyre Methuen, 1980 (includes: Hospital; Polly, the All-Action Dolly; The Navigators; Ifan’s Valley; Pow-Wow, all collectively devised)

Theatre in Education: Four Junior Programmes ed. Pam Schweitzer, Eyre Methuen, 1980 (includes: Rubbish by Annalyn Bhanji, Sally Mavor, John Surman, Rob Willsher; Travellers collectively devised inc. Grazyna Monvid; Big Deal by Mervyn Watson with Julie Holledge, Libby Mason and Harry Miller; The Price of Coal devised by David Frederick, David Pammenter, Judi Earl, Rod Brookes, Paul Swift, Jill Hellerman )

 Theatre in Education: Four Secondary Programmes ed. Pam Schweitzer, Eyre Methuen, 1980 (includes: No Pasaran devised by the cast, written by David Holman; Factory by Rosemary Linnell Holland New Town and Example, both collectively devised)


Theatre in Education Directory 1975-76 compiled by Pam Schweitzer, edited by with Clair Chapman, TQ Publications, 1975

Reminiscence Theatre

Reminiscence Theatre Archivea major web site devoted to Pam Schweitzer’s work with Age Exchange and the archive at University of Greenwich can be found here, complete with production details, photos, tour schedules, publicity, posters, downloadable scripts, interviews, documentary footage and much more.

Books on specific Reminiscence Projects

(All published by Age Exchange, London, unless otherwise noted)

All our Christmases : a book of Christmas memories by Greenwich pensioners (1983)

Of whole heart cometh hope : centenary memories of the Co-operative Women’s Guild, compiled and edited by Chrys Salt, Pam Schweitzer and Mervyn Wilson (1983)

My first job : Greenwich pensioners’ memories of starting work (1984)

A place to stay: memories of pensioners from many lands (1984)

What did you do in the war, mum?: women recall their wartime work (1985)

‘Can we afford the doctor?’ (1985)

Many happy retirements!: a collection of personal reflections, edited by Pam Schweitzer, illustrations by Pat McNeill (1986)

The time of our lives: memories of leisure in the 1920s and 1930s (1986)

On the river : memories of a working river edited by Pam Schweitzer and Charles Wegner ; picture research and photography by Alex Schweitzer ; research by Anna Palmer and Charles Wegner ( c1989)

Remedies and recipes : Caribbean reflections on health and diet, edited by Steven Keay and Pam Schweitzer ; research by Roger Gwatkin ; picture research by Steven Keay (1987, reprinted 1991).

Goodnight children everywhere : Memories of evacuation in World War II ,edited by Pam Schweitzer ( 1990)

When we were young : memories of growing up in south Somerset : a record of a rural reminiscence project, compiled and edited by Pam Schweitzer, Sarah Clevely and Paul Swatridge (1990)

Across the Irish Sea: [based on memories of Irish pensioners] / edited by Pam Schweitzer ; research by Maxine O’Reilly and Pam Schweitzer ; photography by Alex Schweitzer (1991)

Just like the country: memories of London families who settled the new cottage estates 1919-1939,  edited by Antonia Rubinstein with Andy Andrews and Pam Schweitzer ; photography by Alex Schweitzer ; research by Antonia Rubinstein … [et al.] ; foreword by Rod Hackney (1991)

Londoners remember: living through the Blitz, compiled by the Age Exchange Reminiscence Group ; edited by Pam Schweitzer (1991)

Our lovely hops: memories of hop-picking in Kent , edited by Pam Schweitzer with Dianne Hancock ; photography by Alex Schweitzer ; transcription by John Shergold  (1991)

Winter Warmers: memories of coping with winter, edited by Rib Davis ; executive editor, Pam Schweitzer. (1996)

Footprints in the sand”: seaside memories of the 1920s, 30s and 40s,  compiled and edited by Pam Schweitzer and Frank Bechtel   (1997)

Southwark at war: a book of memories and photographs , compiled and edited by Rib Davis and Pam Schweitzer. (London] : Southwark Council, Local Studies Library, 1996)

AV Material in British Library

‘Can we afford the doctor? Recording from Television History Workshop Collection includes contributions from  Pam Schweitzer, Joyce Holliday; Sandra Kerr, Recorded: 18.09. 1985

Note:  ‘Material for television programme ‘Can we afford the doctor?‘, made in association with the Age Exchange Theatre Company, following their stage show (with music and songs) of the same name through rehearsals to production. The script is based on the memories of pensioners.’

About Reminiscence Theatre and Dementia Care

 Reminiscence in dementia care edited by Pam Schweitzer. London: Age Exchange, c1998.

Mapping memories: reminiscence with ethnic minority elders  edited by Pam Schweitzer. Blackheath: Age Exchange, 2004.

Reminiscence Theatre: Making Theatre from Memories by Pam Schweitzer  (and Faith Gibson?) London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006.

Remembering yesterday, caring today : reminiscence in dementia care: a guide to good practice by Pam Schweitzer and Errollyn Bruce. London : Jessica Kingsley, 2008.


‘Pam Schweitzer: Reminiscence Theatre: Making Theatre from Memories’ by J. Miles in Ageing and society. Vol 27; Part 5, Cambridge University Press; 2007, 791-792

‘Pam Schweitzer describes projects from the European Reminiscence Network’ in The Journal of dementia care : for all who work with people with dementia. Vol 12; Part 5, Hawker Publications 2004, 18-19

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